This SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation- intends to establish new new technologies in the bio energies field.


Bioenergy is the way forward. Rising oil prices, dwindling fossil, conventional power sources, and global warming have made renewable energy options increasingly valuable for energy generation.

Unfortunately, the need for clean energy today far outnumbers its supply. Additionally, the current trend in domestic energy bills shows that power rates will continue to climb year after year until at least 2022.

It makes it critical to invest in bioenergy technologies that can help avoid being hit by increasing power bills and enjoy much lower energy bills in the future; Bio Energie SPAC offers innovative solutions to this challenge.


At Bio Energie SPAC, our objective is to establish and provide inexpensive, high-quality bioenergy technologies and services. We are not a group of salesmen trying to make a buck or commission, which sets us apart from other bioenergy companies.

We want to be your allies on the path to a safe and long-term clean energy future. Bio Energie SPAC is dedicated to providing renewable energy solutions and setting the industry benchmark for bioenergy products and technologies.

Additionally, before and after implementation, our smart energy management consulting helps to ensure the sustainability of your bioenergy project.

Bio Energie SPAC is mostly concerned with lowering energy costs. From the initial feasibility study to the design and implementation of the renewable energy system, we do this by adapting our solutions to your unique requirements and preferences.


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